12 Oct 2020 02:58:33
As great as saquon is, he won't get the giants out of the position they are currently in. The giants best option would be to trade him and build around Daniel jones or some other qb in a future draft. The bills have had a great offense thus far but have seemingly been unable to establish a consistent run game. Singletary is talented but he's not worth defenses making a whole different game plan for. With Barkley, defenses would need to put much more attention on the run which would make the bills offense all that much more dynamic.

Giants get: 2021 first, Singletary, 2021 4th
Bills get: Barkley

One could argue that the giants would want more but saquon has had injury issues his contract year is approaching fast

1.) 17 Oct 2020
17 Oct 2020 00:24:38
Good trade, I was predicting Bell to go to Bills.