29 Feb 2020 05:47:09
How about this idea cowboys trades dak right to the San Diego for this 1st round pick , 2 this year , 4 this year and next year 2 round and 5 round next , the cowboys save big money to sign there other free agents Quinn cooper and jones , draft Derek brown at 4 then at 17 they draft QB love they save big money then they sign Tom Brady given him 3 yeAr 30 million year . Dak get payed has teAm he can win with and cowboys have team to win with it is win / win situation

1.) 04 Mar 2020
04 Mar 2020 19:12:09
So many things wrong with this. First, SD is LA. Second, Dak would fetch more than that. Third, The Chargers have the 6th pick, not the 4th. Fourth, Brady wouldn't be the guy Dallas targets. They would go after a Winston or someone else young to grow with.