08 Apr 2019 05:03:26
Giants not done free agency

Suh,Ansah, Wilkerson, Clairborne, Berry and Crabtree. I think 4 of 6 should be signed. Once we draft

Sign M.Wilkerson replace now backup Martin
Sign Ansah replace now backup Avery
Sign Crabtree 4 depth at WR
Sign Suh replace now backup BJ Hill
Sign Penn to backup Jonah williams

Giants draft
37th 95th 232nd 245th for Devin Bush-24th

Giants 108th 142nd 143rd for 60th-Julian Love-CB

Giants 132nd 171th 180th for 84th-Isiah Johnson-CB

Devin White-LB-6TH
Jonah Williams-OT-17TH

1.) 28 Apr 2019
28 Apr 2019 06:48:48
Giants 😂.