26 Apr 2017 13:33:18
The Patriots need to move into the second round and have 2 second round picks and take Zach Cunningham and Sidney Jones. Cunningham would be an upgraded at their current OLBs and Sidney Jones will miss a lot of time with injury but they should draft him and rest him for the season and letting him replace Butler next year. I also think they should take a flyer on Josh Harvey Clements in the later rounds of the draft to possibly replace Chung if they choose not o bring him back next offseason.

I also think that next year they should look to draft Harrold Landry if they are able to draft Jones this year. The only real weakness on the team right now is our OLBs and other than that we are good.

What do you guys think?

1.) 26 Apr 2017
26 Apr 2017 19:38:09
Unless the Patriots are willing to give up future draft picks, I don't think they have enough to get 2 2nd round picks.

It would probably cost them both 3rd round picks to move into the middle of the 2nd round. They might be able to get into the late 2nd round with their 4th round picks, but it is unlikely they can move their later 3rd into the 2nd without giving up future picks.

2.) 27 Apr 2017
27 Apr 2017 14:55:22
I just think both Cunningham and Jones would be good fits for the Pats I could see them using one of their third round picks and some late future round picks to move into the late-middle of the second round to draft Mcmillon instead of Cunningham but I think they should do everything (within reason) to get Jones because I doubt Butler will be coming back unless something crazy happens.

3.) 27 Apr 2017
27 Apr 2017 14:57:22
Or now possibly even Conoly if he slips.