11 Mar 2017 01:08:48
The Pats are making all the right moves.

Pats just got Cooks for cheap(in comparison to Butler)

We keep Butler

We Trade for Ealy

We trade for Allen

We now just need to sign Hightower

Trade Jimmy G and Amindola to the Browns for the 12th pick and a second round pick and 2 3rd round picks

And then draft Dalvin Cook with the 12th overall pick.

A WR core of Edalman Hogan Cooks and Mitchel(assuming the Pats do the trade I suggested above) along with Gronk and Allen and James White and Lewis and Cook and with the GOAT at QB and a pretty good line our office is great.

And with the additions of Gillmore and Ealy and the return of Butler and Harmon and hopefully Hightower our defense will be insane.

what do you guys think?

1.) 13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 20:13:18
Why would we draft a RB with the first pick if we already have two viable ones on the roster and more than not Blount will be back. I would think with that 12th pick the pats go vintage pats and take an offensive lineman.