10 Mar 2017 14:32:41
Patriots offseason:


Trade Jimm G to Browns for the 12th pick and 2 seconds and 2 3rds

Trade Dion Lewis to the Vikings for a 4th round pick

Sign Karlos Williams

1. Derek Barnett DE
1. Macafree HB
2. Micmillon OLB

The Pats keep Butler(please)

What do you guys think?

1.) 10 Mar 2017
10 Mar 2017 14:49:51
Not getting that much for Garroppolo. It will be 12th pick and a 2nd and 3rd next year. Not getting 1 2 2 3 3 for a guy with 1 year left on his deal.

2.) 10 Mar 2017
10 Mar 2017 21:41:05
What ever they get should be at least the 12th pick and then at least one 2nd rounder and. One 3rd rounder. All that matters is that they get the 12th pick and other value picks for him.