06 Jan 2017 18:14:54
Jets Offseason

Darrelle Revis $9 million
Brandon Marshall $7.5 million
Ryan Clady $10 million
Nick Mangold $9 million
David Harris $6.5 million
Brandon Giacomini $4.5 million

NYJ- 3rd round pick
CLE- Sheldon Richardson $8 million

These 6 cuts and one trade save the Jets $55 million dollars and only keeps $8 million in dead cap. They are going to rebuild and unload according to ESPN. I can't see the Jets holding onto these Vets who are grossly overpaid and are not performing well.

1.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 23:02:38
I love this as a pats fan but not if I were a Jets fan. They should trade most of those guys for young players and or picks. I can see people wanting Marshall and wanting Mangold and some of the rest at least get something for them instead of just letting them walk, and Richardson could probably bring back a second round pick

2.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 23:04:35
But the Browns will probably go with Myles Garrett and they have Ogbah on the other side so I think the Browns say no to that deal but I could see the Dolphens Bing interested in him except they are within the division.

3.) 19 Jan 2017
19 Jan 2017 04:16:23
The bears would give jets 3rd round pick for Richardson