13 Mar 2016 23:16:21
Sign Scott Chandler 3yr 16 Mil
Sign Aldon Smith like a one year contract to see if he will go back to his own self
Sign James Laurinaitis 3yr 10 mil

1 Hunter Henry Arkansas
2 Jaylon Smith Notre Dame
3 Connor Cook Michigan State
4 Joe Shoebert Wisconsin
4 Tight end
5 Safety
6 Cornerback
7 Running Back

Super Bowl Here we come.

1.) 14 Mar 2016
14 Mar 2016 02:57:14
All of it makes sense except for the Super Bowl comment. they won't even win there own division sorry.

2.) 14 Mar 2016
14 Mar 2016 11:36:57
Um We have the best quarterback in the league and we have Jordy Nelson comin back
So if u think the packers won't go to the Super Bowl then so be it but really I do see them going our team will be hard to best and we have one of the easiest schedule this year.

3.) 15 Mar 2016
14 Mar 2016 23:48:35
Chandler is horrible you don't want him, plus you have a guy idk if you've heard of him Richard Rodgers so why go
Waste your first round pick on a TE
Then draft another one?
Packers will win 10 games at most bears and Vikings are willing to spend in FA and are better. I love the pack I do they are a really good team but there's way too many super bowl contenders.